How to Use Forward Thinking Retirement Planning to Create Rushing Rivers of Passive Income for Life

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Retirement Plans Are Broken...3 Things You Need to Know to Fix Yours

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Cash Flow Real Estate

Owning cash flow real estate is an ideal source of passive cash flow for the long-term and is therefore a key element of our Harder Working Money strategy.


Private Mortgage Investing

Private Mortgage Investing is a safe way to generate lucrative returns in privately structured deals; being a lender is safer than being the owner/investor.


Privately Structured Deals

With the private deals we advocate in private mortgage investing or cash flow real estate, it is possible to structure investments for significant returns but very limited risks. When you partner with experienced professionals in privately structured deals, it is not uncommon to achieve 2X, 3X, even 5X returns with limited risk.


More In-Depth Information

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